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We are proud to be a women-owned and family-operated business, recognized by the WBENC.

Auto-San Maintenance Supplies® is a renowned provider of innovative odor counteractants and an extensive range of maintenance and janitorial solutions. Established in 1974, Auto-San Maintenance Supplies® is committed to elevating the cleanliness and ambiance of industrial spaces. Our high-quality products are dedicated to creating healthier, more inviting environments while upholding values of honesty and respect.

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DefenderPro® is your reliable partner for pest and wildlife control challenges. We provide effective odor control solutions, preventing costly call backs and ensuring customer satisfaction. Our non-toxic products also enhance employee well-being, contributing to your long-term success.

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Scent Smiles® is all about transforming spaces into delightful havens through fragrant products. Whether it's the comfort of home or the ambiance of a business, ScentSmiles' signature scents create inviting atmospheres. With a mission to bring joy and pleasantness to each day, ScentSmiles® enhances spaces with an array of captivating fragrances.

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