Who We Are

A leader in managing Odor Protection for more than 40 years, Auto-San is the recognized innovator in Scent Branding systems and Air Fresheners. Auto-San works with clients across a broad range of sectors including retail, healthcare, nursing homes and skilled care facilities, property management/real estate, manufacturing, hospitality, travel, fitness, spas, food & beverage, banking, and more to help companies define their brands with a signature scent that evoke positive responses and emotionally connect customers to the company’s brand through the sense of smell. Studies show that scent branding plays a tremendous role in customer loyalty and can boost consumer spending by more than 15%.

Mission Statement

At Auto-San, we strive to provide extraordinary products and services to our clients as well as creating a culture of servant leadership for our associates. We will innovate in our professional development of superior products and provide our products and services with honesty, dignity and respect for both our clients and our associates.

Purpose Statement

We want to help create a healthier, cleaner and more pleasing environment for our clients by providing goods and services that help make their day a more pleasant and productive one.

  • Nora Doggett, CEO

    With a wealth of experience spanning two decades in the Scent Branding and Odor Control industry, Auto-San CEO Nora Doggett is a seasoned expert in the field and embodies the values and commitment that define our brand. Nora oversees overall Auto-San operations, sets the company's strategic direction, and is a guiding force behind all major corporate decisions, ensuring a path of continued success and profitability. Nora brings business acumen and leadership skills, as well as the expertise, innovation, and passion for excellence to shape the future of Scent Branding at Auto-San. She holds a dual Masters in Social Work and Divinity from Vanderbilt University.

  • Andrew Doggett, President

    As President of Auto-San, Andrew Doggett leverages experience spanning startup to Fortune 500 companies to define and execute strategies that drive productivity, revenue, and profitability.

    When he joined Auto-San in 2015, it was a small, regional business. Within two years, Andrew and his team built the company into a multimillion-dollar national industry player and product innovator. Working closely with C-level decision-makers, Environmental Services Directors, and Marketing and Brand Management leaders, Andrew collaborates to build brand recognition through the introduction of Signature Scent and Odor Control Systems. Andrew is an effective coach, mentor, and motivator who recruits top talent and develops individuals to their highest potential, positively impacting the ongoing success and growth of Auto-San.

  • Larry Pruitt, Chief Operating Officer

    Larry has over 35 years of dynamic leadership experience across various executive roles including COO, Interim President, and International Division President. Larry offers a proven track record of driving operational excellence, spearheading P&L management, and crafting innovative go-to-market strategies. Larry brings a robust background in orchestrating successful mergers and acquisitions and is recognized for his ability to navigate the complexities of M&A transactions. Larry excels in driving operational synergies and maximizing value creation for stakeholders. Known for his adeptness in navigating complex business landscapes, Larry thrives in cultivating impactful relationships and fostering collaborative environments to achieve organizational success.

  • Brooke Cordell, Director of Operations

    In 2021, Auto-San welcomed Brooke Cordell as the Director of Operations. Her journey with Auto-San has been marked by a pursuit of operational excellence, managing day-to-day intricacies, and helping to architect future of Auto-San. In close collaboration with senior management, Brooke leverages more than two decades of operations leadership experience to navigate the landscape of company objectives to achieve immediate and long-term operational goals.

  • Carrie Brody, Coordinator of Operations

    Carrie Brody serves in the pivotal role of Auto-San’s Coordinator of Operations, where she engages with clients, employers, finance teams, and other team members on budget optimization and effective fund allocation, ensuring customer satisfaction and the success of projects, events, and campaigns. In addition, Carrie is charged with delegating tasks to specific team members and leverages each individual’s strengths to maximize operations.

  • Shannon Dillard, Director of Commercial Sales

    As Director of Commercial Sales, Shannon Dillard works to drive growth and commercial success for the company. He is the architect of planning, developing, and implementing commercial strategies that align seamlessly with the company's overarching goals and objectives.

    Market research and analysis are the bedrock of Shannon's approach. Leveraging a keen understanding of market dynamics, he navigates the complexities of commercial opportunities to support and accelerate growth and identify untapped commercial opportunities to strengthen Auto-San’s ongoing success.

  • Steve Colvin, Director of Commercial Service

    In his role as the Director of Commercial Service, Steve Colvin ensures industry standards that set Auto-San apart in the market. He works to understand customer needs and implements effective solutions, ensuring a seamless and customer-centric experience marked by efficiency, excellence, and a commitment to surpassing client expectations.