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Bowl Clips: Fabulous Clips - Case of 12

Bowl Clips: Fabulous Clips - Case of 12

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Introducing the Eco Bowl Clip – a game-changer in restroom freshness. With an incredible 30 times more fragrance compared to standard rim-sticks, this high-performance solution guarantees consistent fragrance release over 30 days. Simply attach the clip, logo side out, onto the toilet rim and secure it by lowering the seat.

Designed for discretion and security, the Eco Bowl Clip's compact size allows versatile placement. Clip it onto the side of the toilet tank or attach it to plumbing lines for a secure fit.

Embrace its versatile design by placing it anywhere – from bathroom dividers and office cubicles to office chairs. Experience a new level of freshness that transcends traditional boundaries.

Can I place the Eco Bowl Clip on the inside of the toilet?

Yes, the Eco Bowl Clip can be placed virtually anywhere for your convenience. Enjoy the freedom to enhance freshness wherever you need it. Upgrade to the Eco Bowl Clip today and elevate your restroom experience effortlessly.

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